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Posted by on Jul 29, 2017 in Finance, Investing |

Investing your money or giving to charity

Investing your money or giving to charity

Charity is one of the great human institutions. Nearly all religions across the world and across the centuries have something positive to say on charity. Giving alms is one of the five pillars of Islam, Hinduism’s sadhus often survive on nothing but charity, and Christians have always been urged to give parts of their wealth to those less off than them. In the temporal realm, the Romans gave their poorest citizens bread (to say nothing of the spectacle of the circuses), the 19th century saw the development of socially-minded governments creating welfare for the most impoverished, and today major companies and causes are reliant solely of donations for the activities and sometimes even their existence.

Under no circumstances is charity unique to one region or religion or country. Nearly all societies and religions that have ever existed have suggested or even demanded charity and charitable acts. In times of religious, societal, and cultural tensions, as many people now believe we’re experiencing, charity can act as a catalyst to bring different groups together since so many factions share the value and virtue of charity. Charities have become an necessary part of our society, fighting for causes that governments don’t have the will or the resources to tackle.

Becoming a part of this tradition while helping causes one believes is a wonderful endeavour and should certainly we practised by anyone how can afford it. While the spirit of charity is in essence giving away something in return for and in hopes of nothing, that does not mean that there are not advantages for the person or entity making the donations.

In an effort to encourage charity-giving many governments around the world offer tax breaks for people who give large enough donations. The morality of giving to charity aside, this is a major advantage for a donator who might be taxed at a lower rate because of a donation or exempt from some other taxes.

Less quantifiable than money but equally important is the engagement that charity giving can bring. While there are plenty of massive charities with branches across the world and operations in many different regions, there are plenty of smaller, often grass-roots organisations found in communities everywhere. Researching one’s local charities gives one an insight into the development of their local community and the shared values of the people there. In addition to being a boon to whatever cause the charity is supporting, giving to those charities allows the donator to connect with the local community in a meaningful way. Often direct involvement is the difference between success and failure where grass-roots organisations are concerned. And it’s also a lovely way to meet like-minded people.

Whether it’s out of the goodness of one’s heart or for the other, more personal, advantages of donating to charity doing so can yield many positive results. With little to lose and much to gain, charity-giving is a positive influence of society.


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Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Finance, Investing |

Getting a mortgage for your real estate investment

A mortgage or a mortgage loan is a way in which a purchaser can get funding for acquisition of real estate property. It is a loan that specifically helps you to raise the required amount of capital. You enter into an agreement with your bank or a mortgage institution which pays the money upfront for the property. The money is then repaid to the bank in installments over an extended time period. Most mortgage loans are repaid within a span of 20 to 30 years. One can opt for a shorter period of even 10 years. Below in this article, you’ll find more information suggested by leading Mississauga Realtor Akbar Zareh to help you understand the different types of mortgages and ways to obtain them.

The word mortgage is a derivation from a French word meaning “death pledge”. Not to be taken literally however, as you do not actually sign a pledge for your demise. The idea is that the agreement comes to a closure after repaying the whole amount(dying of the loan) or the property is taken from you i.e. repossession or foreclosure. In simpler terms, the bank/financial institution owns the real estate property until you finish servicing the loan. Afterwards, the property is handed to you.

Advantages of a mortgage loan

  • Providing cash upfront for real estate property
    A mortgage loan provides a lucrative opportunity in terms of finance for real estate property. Most individuals do not have enough liquid cash or savings to buy a house, commercial real estate or rental properties. The mortgage helps you to acquire the property instantly and pay later.
  • Long repayment period
    Buying real estate may force you to fork out a large amount of money which may strain your finances. A mortgage loan, however, gives you the option of paying the amount in installments for up to 30 years. This makes it easy on your pocket and the money in your savings can be used on other investments.
  • Property increases in value
    As you repay the loan over the many years, your property continues to increase in value. This is because your house or commercial building is an asset. Assets generally increase in value over time making you profit in the long run.
  • Great way for obtaining credit
    If you already own a house or other real estate property, you can access a loan easily from a bank. Your current house will be used as security for the loan. This is advantageous because you can be loaned a large amount of money since real estate is extremely valuable property.

Repaying the loan

When applying, you get into an agreement with the financial institution over the repayment period. The institution will determine the installments using either payment to income ratio (mortgage installments compared to income) or debt to income ratio (all debt payments including mortgage as compared to income). One must also prove to be credit worthy and your credit score will be checked before the loan is given to you. The installments have to be paid in full so that the property is handed to you at the end of the repayment period.

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Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Finance, Investing |

An Analysis of the Online Brokerage Company, Forex Capital Trading (Forex CT)


The concept of online businesses has gained notoriety in the past few decades. With the help of globalization and internet, the whole business industry has been revolutionized. Gone are the days when files were made strictly out of paper documents and transactions were carried out in the physical presence of the individuals involved. Now clients can conduct trade exchanges over their phones and computers from the comfort of their homes and offices.

There are many companies out there that offer brokerage services to people all over with the claims of doubling your fortune overnight. Of course, there is no denying that many such companies are nothing but a polished scam and you stand at the risk of losing everything you put in. Hence, you need to be careful when you decide to enter the world of online business and trade exchanges. You need to make sure that the company you are relying on is not only legitimate and legal but also professionally sound and will be able to give you the best advice regarding your finances.
Forex Capital Trading is one such online venture that was set up back in 2006 by a group of qualified and expert individuals in the field of banking, internet and foreign exchange markets. You can read a complete ForexCT review on Finance Magnets.

Their aim was to bring to the people a completely secure business environment in which their clients can prosper and grow. The company trades in real money and clients need a minimum of 500 US dollars to get the process started. You can access their services by logging on to their website.

Forex Capital Trading, unfortunately, does not offer you a free demo like some of the other brokerage setups. However, clients can pay a minimum of 100 US dollars in order to get their demo trial. The money is only peanuts when you think of the long term returns you can get by availing the services of the highly qualified brokers employed by the company. If you need more info about this subject, check out this ForexCT review.
Despite rumors and allegations that the company is a scam, overall surveys and results showed that Forex Capital Trading is one of the most dependable and sound online ventures that help clients in their trade and exchange matters. The company offers clients multiple accounts that they can use and the best feature about Forex Capital Trading is that its website can be accessed from anywhere using just an internet connection. No complicated software or system changes need to be installed in order to make use of Forex Capital Trading.
Another outstanding feature about Forex Capital Trading is its sound customer care service.

Clients can choose brokers according to their preferences by consulting the reviews left by previous customers. The gold stars indicate how good a broker is. It is recommended that you choose the one who has the most gold stars. Customer reviews indicate overall satisfaction and most of them report that they multiplied their assets and money with the aid of Forex Capital Trading. 88 Forex Brokers wrote also a detailed ForexCT review.

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Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Finance, Investing, Startup Business |

5 Useful Tips Before Investing in a Startup Business

5 Useful Tips Before Investing in a Startup Business

The decision to invest in a startup business is definitely not to be taken lightly. Therefore, before making such a big, serious decision you should take some time to weigh on the cons and pros, prior to investing money. So, here are some of the most useful tips on how to avoid a financial disaster when investing.


1.Don’t Lend Money


If from the get go you see yourself ending up owing to friends and family and co-workers, rethink your investment strategy, as this is definitely leading you up the wrong path. So, unless you want to end up on a downward spiral do get into ridiculous debts in order to invest in startup business.

2.Investigate Business Data


Before you start investing, look at the financial data which is at your disposal, and look at the startup business plan. Think of the strategy of the startup business and meticulously investigate all the details – this will help you come with the decision whether it is worth investing in such business or not.

3.Know When to Invest


Knowing when to invest might be one of the trickiest parts of dealing with business. This ability can definitely either make you a success or turn you away from endeavoring in investment business in the future. Use your logic and think of all the facts that you have. If after careful consideration you decide that investing is precisely what you should do, then by all means you should invest. But, if you are having second doubts due to the data which is at your disposal, do not be shy to pass on the given opportunity and wait for the next one which might have better prospects of success, and which will make you feel more confident about investing.

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4.Know How Much to Invest


That being said it is not the same if you invest $1000 or $100.000 in a business. Think about the money you are planning to invest and think of all the possible outcomes. If the outcome benefits you in the end, of course everything can work out for the best and you may end up earning money. Nonetheless, you may also end up losing your money. Therefore, from the very beginning, and even before the beginning dare I say, you should think of the probability that you will lose this particular amount of money you plan on investing. Now, ask yourself – would you be ok with it even if you lost this amount of money?



And by “prepare” I think in many different ways, prepare before you invest – do some research, ask around, Google. Prepare how to invest, how much money, at what pace. Prepare to have to deal with a failed investment. Prepare for the best possible outcome that you will earn money through investment. Be prepared, so no situation can come up your way and find you unsuspecting and unable to deal with. Being prepared is probably the key advice for your investment strategy. Good luck!


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