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Posted by on Jul 29, 2017 in Finance, Investing |

Investing your money or giving to charity

Investing your money or giving to charity

Charity is one of the great human institutions. Nearly all religions across the world and across the centuries have something positive to say on charity. Giving alms is one of the five pillars of Islam, Hinduism’s sadhus often survive on nothing but charity, and Christians have always been urged to give parts of their wealth to those less off than them. In the temporal realm, the Romans gave their poorest citizens bread (to say nothing of the spectacle of the circuses), the 19th century saw the development of socially-minded governments creating welfare for the most impoverished, and today major companies and causes are reliant solely of donations for the activities and sometimes even their existence.

Under no circumstances is charity unique to one region or religion or country. Nearly all societies and religions that have ever existed have suggested or even demanded charity and charitable acts. In times of religious, societal, and cultural tensions, as many people now believe we’re experiencing, charity can act as a catalyst to bring different groups together since so many factions share the value and virtue of charity. Charities have become an necessary part of our society, fighting for causes that governments don’t have the will or the resources to tackle.

Becoming a part of this tradition while helping causes one believes is a wonderful endeavour and should certainly we practised by anyone how can afford it. While the spirit of charity is in essence giving away something in return for and in hopes of nothing, that does not mean that there are not advantages for the person or entity making the donations.

In an effort to encourage charity-giving many governments around the world offer tax breaks for people who give large enough donations. The morality of giving to charity aside, this is a major advantage for a donator who might be taxed at a lower rate because of a donation or exempt from some other taxes.

Less quantifiable than money but equally important is the engagement that charity giving can bring. While there are plenty of massive charities with branches across the world and operations in many different regions, there are plenty of smaller, often grass-roots organisations found in communities everywhere. Researching one’s local charities gives one an insight into the development of their local community and the shared values of the people there. In addition to being a boon to whatever cause the charity is supporting, giving to those charities allows the donator to connect with the local community in a meaningful way. Often direct involvement is the difference between success and failure where grass-roots organisations are concerned. And it’s also a lovely way to meet like-minded people.

Whether it’s out of the goodness of one’s heart or for the other, more personal, advantages of donating to charity doing so can yield many positive results. With little to lose and much to gain, charity-giving is a positive influence of society.